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Why Loving Yourself Is The Most Important Step To Finding Love

Remember all of the love you poured into your last relationship and the sense of gratitude you felt every time you prepared a delicious meal? Well, why not take those feel-good emotions but this time direct them at yourself? It is when you begin to give yourself that kind of love and attention that the world opens up to you by reflecting a beautiful picture of your wonderful nature. You are the best candidate for love. You know yourself better than anyone. You have created a world around you and just because someone walked out of it doesn’t mean that…

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The 3 questions everyone should ask themselves after a breakup

Taking inspiration from the wise words of Rumi, who guided others to… ‘look for the answer in your question’ We get a glimpse into one of the best ways of overcoming heartbreak and the painful reality that a breakup can bring. Every kind of relationship has a lifecycle, some last longer than others, some are more exciting, fulfilling, loving, energising and the list goes on! The sad news and this isn’t typical, but they can end at any point. Which if you’ve searched and are now reading this article you’ve probably already experienced. However, it isn’t all bad, there’s actually…

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