Be Honest With Yourself… Denial Won’t Create A Healthy Loving Relationship!

Denial… “that’s a strange word” especially in an article about dating!

Why is denial a strange word you may ask? Well, as I see it; how do you know you are in denial, if you are in denial, that in itself makes me smile. On the other hand it frustrates me as I’m sure it does you, especially when you are on the receiving end of this delusional way of thinking. If you are the one in denial then life is sweet and ignorance is pure bliss. However that often isn’t the case as the “denial type” will spend the majority of their time convincing themselves and others that they are in fact in a good place. When the complete opposite is true. After spending a lifetime in survival mode using whatever techniques they have at their disposal to hide a lack of confidence or low self esteem and sometimes their guarded nature has been formed from being hurt previously and “not wanting to go there again”. All of this results in not really knowing the real “authentic” person, although the “denial” will convince you otherwise.

Picture this you’ve just met the man/lady of your dreams, or so you thought… until, the cracks start to show! Sound familiar?

Often people in denial, will display poor memory as they tell you what fits in that given moment and then change their outlook to suit themselves, often making you feel a bit mad. Recognise that one? We’ve all seen it at some point and it’s draining to keep trying to work out the truth or where you stand.


There are many signs of denial, and here at Perfect Combination we understand most of the places it is hidden and where it shows itself. On our Dating Detox workshop we have worked very hard to bring this subject to life and to help those willing to learn how not be frustrated or even angered by it again, as you won’t attract or be a denial “type” described.

In my view the saying “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got”… applies perfectly and if you want better results it’s time to do things a little differently… Patsy Coghlan x

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