John Barton-Ward

John Barton-Ward

Creative Events Coordinator

John’s role is a combination of technical design creativity brought to life with his natural talent and entrepreneurial mind. His previous international online venture gives him credibility to take the Perfect Combination group forward. Coupled with Patsy’s skillset and experience within the relationship and dating area makes for the winning formula and Perfect Combination team. With a wealth of business and branding knowledge formed from several high profile positions within industry he believes the company has all the ingredients to become a globally recognised brand.

Along with the creation of digital assets, time will be dedicated to ensuring the brand and product lineup is reaching it’s intended target market through successful marketing campaigns. John’s vision for Perfect Combination is to form a portfolio of interrelated products and services that have been designed to deliver the maximum impact within an international setting. John feels that the Perfect Combination group resonates deeply with his values, culture, philosophy and success and staying true to himself he has chosen to be a part of a business that truly matches his ideals.

An evening with…

 What perfect first date would he organise:

A restaurant perfect for the occasion in a beautiful romantic setting.

What he finds attractive in a partner:

Actively sporty with a physique to match and a compassionate nature with the ability to make me laugh.

What signature dish would he cook for his date:

Vegetable stir fry with a charming twist.

Where does he feel most at home:

It has to be LA, Beverly Hills where I fit in most with my fellow creatives.

 How would he best share his thoughts with a partner:

By carefully choosing the right words at the right moment.

What words would best describe his style: 

Casual but classic, relaxed and underpinned with a touch of determination.

What would he do to make his lady feel special:

 Surprise romantic trip to a secret location somewhere in the Med.

We closed the evening with champagne and asked John his thoughts on where he see’s the new relationship business Perfect Combination heading, in his usual creative and forward thinking way his thoughts were directly focused on the development and marketing elements of the business. Sharing his vision and ideas on how to best shape the dating world both online and offline he expressed his confidence in Perfect Combination becoming the perfect platform to bring this to life. John is very much looking forward to enhancing his already philosophical side by involving himself creatively within the various workshops and coaching events.

If attending any of our workshops John will guarantee up to date techniques and material combined with innovative and informative methods of delivering world class content. He very much looks forward to bringing his own experiences and knowledge into the workshops and seeing the transformations come to life.

Kindest thoughts, John