Ready, Set….. Time To Date Successfully!

Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting unhealthy relationships or dates ending in no actual relationship at all?

Are you fed up with the endless stream of go-nowhere relationships with losers, commitment-phobes and other ‘no-potential’ dates?

Does it seem like you always attract partners who need saving or fixing or just don’t have the maturity to create a meaningful relationship no matter what age they are?

And does it feel like every time you might have met ‘The One’ you inevitably get hurt – maybe even spending weeks or months thinking your developing a relationship only to go back to square one?

Then you need to STOP spending your time focusing only on things that get you short term results like… How to flirt; When to text them back; When to have sex; Where to meet partners; all of which are fine to think about but not to make your main focus.

These superficial strategies might get you a date, but they won’t attract to you a quality long term partner that is right for you. Even worse… they’ll PREVENT you from addressing the real cause of your love challenges and in the process waste a whole lot of time.

When you look around and see all the couples in love, or you attend your millionth wedding for a friend, you start to wonder if there might be something wrong with you? Or you are just meant to stay single? Or maybe you start believing that you are missing some sort of magic ‘relationship’ ingredient that all these people seem to have.

But it’s just not true! You deserve the same happiness in love and it’s much closer than you think. Our Dating Detox workshop is specifically designed to teach you the powerful shifts you can make that will get you the dates and the relationship you want… one that is genuine and lasting, helping you to realize you’re not missing anything at all.

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