Patsy Coghlan

Patsy Coghlan

Relationship and Well-Being Coach

Patsy has been fortunate to cultivate a wealth of relationship and well-being experience drawn from her many years of coaching and treating a vast number of clients. Previously working in a HR and training capacity has enabled her to develop a commercial and holistic approach to business.

Along with developing and delivering effective workshops, she also maintains the growth of the well-being client base. Patsy believes to create a successful relationship and a positive well-being our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental levels need to remain balanced through good practices. The online dating website, workshops and therapies that make up the Perfect Combination group are built on a set of practiced business and personal core values.

An evening with…

What her date would enjoy most about her: 

Her beautiful smile, fun mischievous nature and refreshing optimism.

What she finds attractive in a partner: 

A stylish dresser, partnered with an ability to make her laugh and be an old romantic with a young heart.

What her signature cocktail is: 

It has to be the Peacock, which she brought home with her from New York.

Where her favourite place in the world is:

Ana Capri, Italia due to its tranquil views and serene atmosphere cultured with romance, perfect for weddings.

Would she share her desert with her date:

Yes, if they share the same tastes in her need to fulfil her sweet tooth.

Three words to best describe her style: 

Little black dress glamour along with a sophisticated day to evening look.

What romantic gesture would make her smile the most: 

Her love of flowers suggests the simplest romantic gesture of sending her flowers would make her day.

We closed the evening with champagne and asked Patsy her thoughts on where she see’s the new relationship business Perfect Combination heading, in her usual honest but mischievous way her thoughts went directly to her need to help her clients date better. Sharing her vision and passion for turning the dating world around and believes that Perfect Combination is the perfect platform to bring this to life. Through her love of coaching, her life experiences and the new online dating approach to relationships she has a determination to make this happen.

If attending any of her workshops Patsy will guarantee a fresh, informative fun experience coupled with a new effective approach to your own dating experiences that will change your dating outcomes for life. She looks forward to transforming you all.

Love, Patsy x